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Example of our Feng Shui Consultation

Example of our Feng Shui Consultation

Why use our service

  • You will get professional help from Cecil Lee who is a FULLY QUALIFIED Feng Shui Expert well versed in all aspects and has a deep understanding of all the various Feng Shui techniques)
  • You will get a comprehensive analysis of your home:
    • covering all areas of analysis from your exterior environment, to your interior design, to room-by-room analysis until you are 100% satisfied with the explanations. (We usually advice our clients to start noting down points to ask even before, you start taking up our service)
    • get a in-depth into understanding about yourself, your family and how to enhance and even improve therelationships.
    • a complete analysis with two personalised visits to your home
    • a complete understanding with a `helicopter' view of the full complete understanding of yourself, each member of the family and your home in relation to it's Feng Shui and your personal self awarness to improve on.
    • You will get a range of your personalised comprehensive detailed reports for your reference.
  • You will also get Excellent and Committed After Sales Support, either by calling Cecil on his personal HP: (65) 9785-3171 or Fax: +65-4820570 or the e-mail.

What makes us so different

A comparison of Cecil Lee's Professional Consultation services. It is always prudent to  contact a practitioner what services are will be providing you as not all practitioners give or can give you the same level of commitment and service.

This useful check-list can allow you to benchmark what we provide against services provided by other Geomancers:-


Using Cecil Lee's service

Other Geomacers

Cecil Lee is a professional Geomancer having an extensive understanding of ALL Feng Shui Theories and published many Feng Shui concepts and resources for others to learn.

Therefore, he has a full arsenal of tools to help you:-

- Shapes & Forms
- Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Feng Shui)
- Eight House
- Flying STar (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
- Water Classics
- Chinese Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu)
- The Oracle (I-Ching)
- Chinese Culture


Do not be afraid to check with other practitioners about their skills



Does a VERY DETAILED analysis of each family member's Ba Zi.

He uses what is known as Ba Zi Feng Shui (a very key essence in a complete and detailed overview of a House Analysis in relation to the occupaints.)

- Detailed Advanced Pillars of Destiny with 4 main pillars and 2 additional Advanced Pillars (House of Conception and House of Life which is essential to an accurate analysis)

- Inclusive of all the clashes and combinations, deriving your favourable elements, colours and wealth element.

- Inclusive of 10-yearly and Yearly analysis of each luck pillars

- This is done for EVERY FAMILY MEMBER.

This we feel is necessary to provide an overview of your heavenly luck and also to determine your suitability with the house and more. Without it would simply be incomplete.


Check firstly whether the practitioner uses Ba Zi

If they do use Ba Zi, what type of analysis are they providing you with. (Some practitioners only provide a superficial basic analysis of your birth element.


Provide a VERY DETAILED analysis with the Flying Star Feng Shui

- 20-year overall influence

- Yearly influence

- 81 Interpretations of each sector analysis

- Identifying Auspicious Area and Suggesting cures for problem areas in detail for each sector.


Check firstly whether the practitioner uses Flying Star Feng Shui

Even if the practitioner use Flying Star, do they fully provide you not just a `chart' but full and comprehensive analysis of it.

Provide a COMPREHENSIVE Summary of all the various Family Members Eight House in relation to the house

- Check the breadwinner(s) for suitability of the house

- You will know get to know who is unsuitable to for house

- You can see which room should be suitable for which family members


May provide analysis and recommendations individually and some only do it for the breadwinner.

Provide a BINDING ELEMENT which helps to improve relationship between two family members. (This is done for all the various family member relationship ie. between Father & Mother, Mother & Son, Father & Son.)



Providing you the indepth understanding of what are your personal elements, favourable & unfavourable colours, wealth element so that you can apply them to your personal life (ie. colours of clothing to wear and colour to paint your bedroom)



Provide you with a copy of the DETAIL PRINTED REPORTS for your reference after the audit.


Check with the practitioner

By the end of the consultation you will have a deep understanding of why certain areas must be cured and what to cure it with and how to improve good areas.


Confirm with the practitioner whether are they willing to not only tell you why you need to "put this here and there" but also let you know the exact rationale why it is done.

Seek Clarifications to your queries until you are 100% fully satisfied on any areas or queries regarding placement of furnitures etc

Cecil Lee will only collect the consultation fees on his second visit. This is to assure you that unless you are 100% fully satisified with our service at the end of the analysis, we will not collect a single cent from you.


Check with the practitioner.


Some practitioners may want to collect the money up-front.


Provide Recommedations to any other queries such as the placement of sensitive items like an altar Placement


Check with the practitioner

Added free assistance on any other follow-ups e.g. interior design consultation after the visit


Check with the practitioner. Some may charge you additional for this.

Select auspicious dates for the start of renovation work, initial `house move' and actual date for moving/staying in the house


Yes, but often this will be charged as additional services. Do check with the practitioner

Providing actual advice for renovation work and initial `house move' and many practical tips


Check with the practitioner

Excellent and Committed After Sales Service

You can seek further clarification via a range of support contacts

- via phone
- via e-mail
- via forum
- via live chat


No, often you will not be able to get much additional consultation without paying for additional services.

Are you provided with a proposed layout plan(s)?

Our Feng Shui Audit comes standard with a proposed layout plan. Click here to see high resolution sample


Check with the practitioner

The Holy Trinity of Luck

Heaven (Tian) - Earth (Di) - Human / Man Luck (Ren).

Cecil will go through each family members Heaven Luck (Tian Cai) or Ba Zi. He will also go through with you the Earth (Di Cai) or the Feng Shui of the home.

Man Luck is like family relationship (such as hugging a child or bring children out for an outing or having a nice time together etc.

" Will there be a lot of purchases needed if the house 'fengshui' is no good? One of my friend needs to spend about S$2K to purchase lots of stuffs to improve his place." is a Professional Consultancy site and from day 1 does not believe in selling any physical products nor ask our clients to buy expensive decorative items.

It is our strong belief that selling such things can *cloud* one's mind or specifically - have a conflict of interest in our professional service. - Learn more


Check with the practitioner

Different modes of payment:-

On the second visit (on the full consultation session) you can choose to pay by Cash or Cheque

Another option is thru Credit Card at our website.


Check with the practitioner

Compare our prices!

Very affordable and reasonable rates for our very comprehensive services.

Just look at the overall range of services which is provided at a very reasonable rate which promises you a whole lot more.


Check with the practitioner

Our Onsite Audit uses the following Feng Shui Theories:-

  • Shapes & Forms (Exterior of the house)
  • Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Feng Shui)
  • Eight House
  • Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
  • Shapes & Forms (Interior of the house)

Scope of Work

  • Your personalised audit is conducted by Cecil Lee, who is a full-time professional geomancer
  • During First Visit
    • He will go down to your place to access your home and its environment
    • He will obtain the Date of Birth (& time of birth if any) of all the family members in the house.
    • He will obtain the layout plan of your house.
    • He will obtain the date which you had moved in and whether you had any major renovations
    • He will take an accurate compass reading of your main door
    • He will find out more about any concerns you may have
  • Cecil will then prepare a detailed analysis reports using all the various Feng Shui Analysis:-
    • Shapes & Forms (Exterior of the house)
    • Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Feng Shui)
    • Eight House
    • Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
    • Shapes & Forms (Interior of the house)
  • During the Second Visit
    • He will then go through with you in great details about all the various problems and recommends about your house (continue to read our Complete 16 Step Worry-Free Audit more details)
    • He will also clarify all questions until you are 100% satisfied.

Our Complete 16-Step Worry-Free Audit

Walk Thru of a typical personalised Feng Shui Consultation session conducted by Cecil Lee during the 2nd Visit

  1. He will let you know each of the family member's Ba Zi:-
  2. What is each person's Feng Shui Birth Element
  • How is each person's 10-year luck period for the current period and the next few periods
  • How is each person's overall heavenly luck in general
  • What are each person's favourable and unfavourable elements & colours
  • What is each person's Wealth element

He will reveal to you all the binding element combinations for improving the relationship between the various family (i.e. between Father & Mother; Mother with Son & Son with Father etc...) He will let know how suitable the house is to the breadwinner(s). He will go with you through a detailed Room-by-Room walk-thru with you letting you know (Applying Shapes & Form and Compass School techniques including 20 Year and yearly Flying Star analysis):-

  • Recommended best placement of Bed Positioning, Sleeping Positions and other furniture in the room
  • Check for other internal bedroom flaws (ie sha qi or inauspicious furniture organisation)
  • He will inform you of any inauspicious stars and what you should do to cure it.
  • He will inform you of any auspicious areas and how you can improve it
  • He will let you know of any mountain star to active (if any) for added luck
  • Recommend suitable colours and materials of bedroom furniture and room colour.
  • He will answer to your satisfaction, any other questions relating to the placement of other items or issues to clear any concerns that you may have

He will give you an overview of the various external environment analysis of what are the problem area (ie sha qi) and what you should do He will give you an assessment of how much wealth your house (in relation to the surrounding estate) that it can or cannot actually retain He will let you know which areas you should avoid making renovations for that year. He will provide you with advice and recommendations based on your inputs of proposed your desired Interior Design layouts. He will provide advice on better placement of stove, altars and other items He will provide you with the various auspicious dates for moving into a house He will provide you with information on what to do during the actual house move-in He will provide you with a Career Analysis so that you have a better appreciation of the type of job i.e. existing job or future job prospect based on a Feng Shui perspective.

  • You will know what kinds of career are considered Career with Wealth; Career with Power Authority etc..

You will be given ample opportunity throughout each step of the briefing to clarify any issues or concerns that you may have during this detailed consultation session until you are 100% satisfied with the walk thru. Finally, you will be given a copy of each of the various detailed printed analysis reports for your reference and further readings. At the end of the consultation session, you will have had an in-depth understanding about yourself; your family members; your house and its environment; and have also a deep understanding on how to improve your overall luck and harmony.

What you will can expect after the consultation is completed?

  • Understand the various problem areas in your environment and how to fix them.
  • Understand your Feng Shui Personal Element, and what are beneficial to you.
  • Understand you current & future luck period and now you can adjust yourself properly to benefit from it.
  • Understand your house suitability to your personal luck
  • Understand your favourable and unfavourable elements and colours.
  • Underatand how you and your family members can improve relationship between each other.
  • Understand you 4 good and 4 bad directions to help you maximise your productivity when you work or sleep.
  • Understand whether the current house you are staying is suitable for you or not.
  • Understand where are your good wealth locations and how you can improve it.
  • Understand how you can better place furnitures and improve your interior decorations.

Any Questions? Call Master Cecil Lee at (65) 9785-3171 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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