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Comprehensive Ba Zi Case Studies

Comprehensive Ba Zi Case Studies 

What if someone else says that they also provide Ba Zi (Eight Characters) analysis?

Firstly, please check whether the Feng Shui practitioner provides you with a full or basic Ba Zi analysis.

What if the practitioner says that he/she gives each family member a full Ba Zi  analysis?

Check further to see if the practitioner analyses two  extra Pillars: House of Life and House of Conception are analyzed in addition to the Year, Month, Day and Time of birth. As House of Life Pillar will ultimately determine whether a person is weak or strong as shown in the two case studies below.

On the other hand, House of Conception tells about the type of relationship for the male. And for females, in particular it relates to child birth issues and more.

Insist on this two extra pillars if anyone claims that they do a full Ba Zi analysis for you.

No one has ever come close to our highly detailed and accurate full Ba Zi analysis!

Case Study 1:

An actual case where FS practitioners have wrongly stated that this person's Ba Zi is strong earth. The correct analysis should be weak earth person.

1. In a Ba Zi or Pillars of destiny, the Year, Month, Day, Time, House of Life and House of Conception are looked at. (where each pillar e.g. Year, month etc... has each a heavenly stem and earthly branch.)

2. These elements are looked at in relation to the day of birth pillar. For  example, if the day pillar has earth element.

3 The above example shows a sample chart of a person who is considered as a weak earth person.

4. Our Ba Zi analysis takes care of which season, earth is strongest or weakest as this will affect the element at the time one were born.

5. This analysis takes into consideration  many of the factors i.e. what is your season of birth, any clash, or combinations of your elements.

6. Many of us, may not be aware but, many practitioners fall short of fully analyzing the birth chart of a person in this aspect.

7. For example, in this sample chart, one will see that some FS practitioners may mistaken the person born in that date to be a `strong earth' person.

8. Here is how they could easily have mistaken the person to be strong. And this is an actual case where one practitioner had got it wrong as they not done sufficient work on the Ba Zi chart.

9. The mistake has arisen to consider the person as strong earth element:-

10. Most of the normal Ba Zi analysis done by others will only consider the  Year, Month, Day & Hour of Birth. If one wrongly considers only that, one can see from this example that:-

The original elements in the chart will be as follows...

2 Metal
3 Earth
1 Wood
2 Fire
0 Water

11. This is assuming no combinations was considered and the House of Life and House of Conception was not taken into account.

12. In the above, you can see that being a Earth person, he has 3 earth, plus 2 fire which produces it. This makes his favourable elements to be 5 out of 8 elements. Which is already a clear indication that he is likely to be a Strong Earth person (even if we do not yet consider the seasons of birth influence).

13. However, if you consider the Combination which occur in Hour or Day Earthly  Branch wei and Year Earthly Branch wu. This is a combination that will occur and  because of the favourable conditions it will combine to change the original element from wei-wu (earth-fire) to Wood element. This change reduces the two favourable elements earth and fire and change it to 2 unfavourable element wood which destroy Earth.

2 Metal
2 Earth
3 Wood
1 Fire
0 Water

14. Thus, if you consider the combinations that resulted, the final element summary would be different and thus, making it a weaker earth than originally determined.

15. Similarly, because now the House of Life and House of Conception was considered, there will be further changes to the element summary which affects whether a person is weak or strong.

16. All the analysis done by us takes into account every possible clash, harm, punishment & self punishment, and every possible Joins, Double/Triple combinations. Every additional analysis will have an overall impact on the final analysis.

17. However, if any one of the above analysis has yet to be considered, the final analysis deduced will never be accurate. Thus, we find that it is a pity that many calculation done are often lacking in many of detailed analysis in order to do a complete Pillars of Destiny Analysis.

18. In addition, the environment earth strength has already being factored into the Ba Zi.

Case Study 2:

An actual case where FS practitioners have wrongly stated that this person's Ba Zi is a weak earth. The correct analysis should be strong earth person.

1. In this second example, one can also see  how often, many FS practitioners get their client's Ba Zi wrong.

2. In fact, these two case studies are true real life examples, where, these two persons, were `mislead' to think that their elements were i.e. in the first earlier example - strong earth. While in this second example, they were told  that the analysis resulted in this case as a weak earth.

3. This example (below) shows how, this person especially due to double combinations of his element became a `strong earth' person.


4. Depends on how comprehensive the analysis, most of the analysis takes only the basic 4 pillars. Thus the resulting elements would be:-

1 Water
2 Earth
2 Wood
1 Fire
2 Metal

5. Given the seasons of birth Earth is Extremely Weak and he has 2 extremely weak earth, plus 1 Strong Fire against, 2 Strongest Wood and 1 Water which destroy Fire.

6. This would seem at a glance that this person is a weak Earth. If you consider all the clash and combinations etc.

0 Water
1 Earth
3 Fire
2 Wood
2 Metal

7. Again, if you consider the combinations and clashes, the resulting elements would change as above. In this case, the number of Fire would increase,  decreasing the water which unfavourable for this person as there is now water now to destroy the Fire which is a Earth person's favourable element. Thus, this  person is not as weak as it original seem.

8. In addition, if you have the full blown chart with the House of Life and  house of Conception, again, this will change as there is additional 2 Fire  element added from his House of Life and House of Conception. In addition, there  is an additional Earth element in the House of Conception.

0 Water - weak
2 Wood - strongest
5 Fire - strong
2 Earth - extremely weak
3 Metal - weakest

9. No doubt, this person is a extremely weak earth, but it is strengthen by the  5 strong Fire which exhaust the 2 strongest wood to again give strength to the  extremely weak earth.

10. So under this circumstances, this person is a Strong Earth as opposed to a weak Earth as originally defined.

11. Determining a person's element strength is extremely important as a weak earth is different from a strong earth. In our reports, we go all out to provide all the necessary analysis to determine this as we understand the importance and impact of having determined the correct element strength.

Who do you want to depend on getting your Ba Zi correct?

As you can see, we make sure that your Ba Zi is absolutely correct as being wrongly diagnosed as `weak' or `strong' can make such a vast difference in your Ba Zi!

No one comes as close to us in doing what we do best! Providing you the most comprehensive and accurate Ba Zi analysis!

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